January 2017 - Social Impact

Inbo starts 2017 energetic and circular

During a nice New Year's reception partners Rik Bakker, Aron Bogers en Josine van Gulik presented the year plan for 2017 to their colleagues, that is all about Social Impact. Not a cast in concrete policy, but a call to colleagues to talk with each other, with clients, users and other parties we work with about what our profession should be about an how we can contribute to a healthier living environment together. No matter if it involves new forms of housing, whether or not developed in co-creation, an immense university building that looks and feels like a pavilion of human scale, policy and strategy for the city or the spatial impact of the energy transition. Eventually it is always about the people for whom we make it and what it brings to them. Also in 2017, with an even stronger focus on energy, circularity and new techniques. 

Not coincidentally we chose the Campina Melkfabriek (Milk factory) in Hilversum as a scene. A project that illustrates what we mean by Social Impact: the transformation of the Melkfabriek is more than beautiful architecture, more than preservation of a monument. The building gives a boost to the city at a higher scale. By opening up the site. By breaking open the former milk street and make it accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. By changing the former factory hall into a public atrium, where anyone can come to meet, work and drink a cup of coffee. The fact that the Melkfabriek was awarded a Hilversum Architecture Award not only by a professional jury but also by the public, was significant to us and a deserved appreciation for the inspiring commissioning of Dudok Wonen

The welcome at our new year’s toast by Dudok was welcoming and heartily, the welcome speech by Harro Zanting (managing director at Dudok Wonen) was warm and full of praise for the many good choices that were made in the design of the transformation. Of course there was also time for a tour and an explanation of the building. Using old photographs Martijn Ketelaar (senior project manager at Dudok Wonen) and Trude de Vroomen (architect-partner at Inbo) spoke enthusiastically about the years of preparation, design and construction and the enormous transformation that took place. 

- Project Campina Milk factory, Hilversum

More information: Rik Bakker, Aron Bogers, Josine van Gulik, Trude de Vroomen