January 2017 - Social Impact

WelkomThuisHuis (The WelcomeHome)

A new start is not often easy, whatever the occasion is. Whether you've just arrived in a new town or in a new country, you’ve ended your relationship or you are going to live on your own for the first time. Due to insufficient available housing, municipalities are struggling with the problem of helping these people. The waiting lists for social rented housing are long in almost every place. Therefor there is a need for affordable and flexible housing in many municipalities.

To fulfill this demand Inbo developed the WelkomThuisHuis together with Corporatiefonds, Hegeman Bouwgroep en De Vries Vastgoed. A flexible and dynamic concept. Housing for various target groups can be achieved by adjusting the layout of the floor plans to the needs of the future, within a fixed base.

Together with municipalities and corporations we want to add housing with the WelkomThuisHuis to suit local needs. We do not only fulfill the specific needs of housing of different target groups, research has shown that differentiation establishes the integration of new neighbors better and faster. Besides a solid process and a good product the WelkomThuisHuis also offers a financial package. Together with the municipalities WelkomThuisHuis organizes meetings where finance, forms, housing and accompaniment are getting ‘labeled’. Together we are also shaping the communication towards local residents. 

To create the houses within the social domain the WelkomThuisHuis is in search of suitable grounds. If you are interested or want to know more, please contact Trude de Vroomen (Inbo) or Jeroen van Rossum (Corporationfonds). 

More information: Trude de Vroomen