January 2017 - Social Impact

The new Waterloo Square

In the center of Amsterdam, next to the City Hall, there is the Waterloo Square. The current situation here is far from perfect. The ground floor of the City Hall already is or will become mostly empty. The square looks neglected. Too often market stalls are built up without any entrepreneur being there and using it. With the result that the Waterloo Square, the market and the City Hall are now a place which Amsterdam citizens visit rarely. 

That will change. The Centre district and the City of Amsterdam prepare a coherent improvement. The ground floor of the City Hall will regain a position where you want to go as an 'Amsterdammer': the stage of Amsterdam's manufacturing industry. The facade of the City Hall on the market side will get a lot more glass so it will connect better with the environment. Waterloo Square will become a square with more green, more seating and an attractive décor with attractive entrances to other parts of the city. The market will get the size, setup and offer that will make it distinctive, surprising and busier again. 

Guido Wallagh (partner-advisor) supports this integrated approach as an independent programmer of public spaces. The core of his function is to monitor the requested concept ‘Made in Amsterdam’ for the ground floor of City Hall, since market parties have been asked to come up with concrete investment plans. Besides that he also supports the process of change of the market and the briefings with the society. 

More information: Guido Wallagh