January 2017 - Social Impact

Heart for Emmeloord

After a successful participation process with residents, businesses and institutions in the Noordoostpolder the most drastic proposal for improvements in the center of Emmeloord has been chosen by both community and city council. This proposal, called Compact Center, means that the shopping area will be made more compact and stronger, and on a longer term the center will be enriched with housing in the area thatnow still partly has shops.

In the meantime this proposal has been taken forward. Quick wins are appointed, including a variable 'seasonal square' on De Deel; the most central square of the city center. On this seasonal square it was possible to ice skate as from December 2016. The spring edition of this seasonal square is in preparation. Arrangements have been made with entrepreneurs about center management. An urban strategy company has been selected thatwill be working on "light and addressed" design improvements. And soon the talks about the potential building locations will start. Those are (re)development locations in the center. Inbo (Guido Wallagh) supports the project team with the implementation of quick wins and structural improvements in the center. 

More information: Guido Wallagh