January 2017 - Social Impact

First Knarrenhof to be built in Zwolle

After five years of preparation, it's finally here: the first Knarrenhof will be built at the Aa-bad location in Zwolle. Contractor Trebbe won the negotiated contract and will start with the construction in April. Together with the 67 future residents we are very excited. 

As the population ages, there is less money for health care in the Netherlands. Older people will have to live independently for a longer period of time. Therefore Peter Prak (Locksley Collective) and Eerde Schippers  (architect-partner at Inbo) devised Knarrenhof: a place where seniors can continue to live independently. Peter explains: "In the Knarrenhof the leitmotif is not revenue maximization, but the development of a community with like-minded people, making a plan focused on privacy, mutual help and encounter, housed in a  lifecycle resistant home. “Neighbourship and future-proof living are the main goals."

The future residents are united in the CPO Association Knarrenhof Zwolle. The Foundation Knarrenhof Netherlands provides the professional guidance in design, development, negotiation, legal assurance and group dynamics. The Municipality of Zwolle and the province of Overijssel recognized the residential demand among the elderly, who do not see their wishes fulfilled in the existing offer, and made a significant contribution by making this initiative possible. 

Five months before the start of the construction all the homes were already under contract. 14 of the 48 homes are social rented houses, which will be taken by deltaWonen housing corporation. The Knarrenhof in Zwolle is the first in a series; at present there are about 3000 registrations in 74 municipalities. In 11 municipalities concrete developments run, and in about 30 municipalities people are actively looking for allies.

More information: Eerde Schippers, Rutger Oolbekkink