January 2017 - Social Impact

A future vision of intensive cooperation

Together with Lyaemer Wonen and the municipality of De Fryske Marren, Inbo is working on the future vision of the Zuiderzeestraat area in Lemmer. The neighborhood has a number of sites that could be developed In addition, something needs to be done about the houses in the Zuiderzeestraat, in order to meet the current living standards.

Inbo supervises the process in which the residents have an active role. They were invited to come to discuss  about the future of their neighborhood during a workshop. From December 14th till December 17th we organized several workshops, a walk around the neighborhood and afternoons to discuss with residents their wishes and ideas. 

The interviews revealed that the residents of the Zuiderzeestraat are very positive about the street, the small neighborhood and the location in Lemmer. The atmosphere of this so-called, ‘Delft Red’ housing is considered as positive. There is a close community in a "real old part of Lemmer". However, people drive too fast, there is too little parking spaces and too little space for young children to play safely on the streets. People also said that they would prefer to maintain the fire station by transforming it into homes,  e.g. combined with a child health center. 

We will now get started with all the information we received from the residents and will work this out into different scenarios to improve the neighborhood. Should existing buildings be demolished, which means building new homes, or is renovation the best solution? In the first quarter of 2017 we will organize a second workshop in the neighborhood where we will present the scenarios to the residents. 

More information: Trude de Vroomen