February 2018 - Living

Zuidas towers at German seminar

On February 27 and 28 the annual brick architecture seminar of Hagemeister will take place in Nottuln. Theme this year: colour. Tako Postma talks about the role of colour and brick in our Zuidas residential towers 900Mahler and Intermezzo. 

According to Tako, 900Mahler and Intermezzo are designed as residential buildings with an international and mundane appearance: "Matching this special place in the city, thought out from concept to detail. With a mix of social rented apartments and penthouses, with generous outdoor spaces and an urban plinth with facilities for residents and working people from the area." 

Brick was used in both buildings to express the residential function of the buildings and to give each towers its own signature. Tako: "Together with the other buildings around it this resulted in an exceptional collection of architecture on the Zuidas, which thanks to a sophisticated street pattern, well-directed volumes and height differences, creates a varied cityscape." 

In 900Mahler the masonry is the most important carrier of the concept behind the building: metropolitan living with grandeur. For the facades of Intermezzo, Hagemeister and Inbo developed the light-coloured 'Intermezzo' project sorting, with a warm atmosphere and a characteristic stroke relief. In both buildings, the stones are used in prefab façade elements. 

The brick seminar will take place on February 27 and 28 at the Hagemeister site in Nottuln (North Rhine-Westphalia).  

More information: Tako Postma