February 2018 - Living

Praise for participation

"The inhabitants of Almere Haven yearn for the announced refurbishment of the coastal zone in the oldest part of the city." That is what Almere Deze Week writes after the conclusion of a recent city council meeting. 

In 2016, Inbo conducted research into the development opportunities. The proposed scenario has now been developed into a development plan by the municipality. The participation process, with a number of well attended information meetings, a working visit to reference projects, the formation of a participation group and various meetings with this group, was organized by Inbo. 

"It is not often the case that respondents are positive about a plan of the municipality. Thursday was a clear exception. Almost all ten parties were happy that the coastal zone is finally being refurbished. Each and every one of them ended their speech with applause. Of course, all the parties had their wishes and expectations, but in general there was relief: the coastal zone is finally being tackled and hopefully that will have positive consequences for the city centre of Haven, where entrepreneurs are currently having a hard time." 

Almere Deze Week also writes: "In general it became clear that the inhabitants cannot wait until the refurbishment will start. There was much praise for the approach of the municipality that had listened carefully during the participation process to the wishes of the residents, stakeholders and associations. "I think we are finally starting to learn it", said council member John van der Pauw (PvdA). Responsible alderman Tjeerd Herrema even took it one step further: "Thanks to the input of these parties, the plan actually has become much better." 

More information: Guido Wallagh, Coen Hermans, Joris van Loenhout