February 2018 - Living

Debate on the future of care

On Wednesday February 7, 2018, FASadE's Architecture Café was dedicated to the WHO CARES competition. This initiative by the Chief Government Architect - for which Rutger Oolbekkink of Inbo was responsible for the project management - was completed in October 2017 during the Dutch Design Week. The presentations of the selected plans were the point of focus of this evening, held in a crowded room in the Rietveld pavilion in Amersfoort. Led by moderators Guido Wallagh (consultant-partner at Inbo) and Rutger Oolbekkink, a forum of experts discussed what is needed to strengthen the movement that WHO CARES has started. 

It's about living
The presentation of the very diverse plans provides a lot of reason for discussion for the forum, but also a great unanimity. For example, the fact that in future-proof plans we should not only focus on the elderly. Fleur Imming (Alderman of Amersfoort): "Need for care is everyone’s future, with few exceptions". Though actually the focus should not be on care, but on living. Rob Hoogma (Siza): "Let's be honest. 'Care' actually comes late in the process. For a long time it is just about 'living'." 

Joint responsibility
A number of forum members are very enthusiastic when it comes to new financing models and forms of cooperation, following the plan Who Dares for the district of Carnisse, Rotterdam. This ambitious plan contains a basic idea that is recognizable in many plans. The need to invest in a future-proof neighbourhood from the point of view of prevention. There also is a task for the parties that have a joint interest in it: municipalities, corporations, healthcare institutions; investors, healthcare providers and landowners. And emphatically also in consultation with residents of the neighbourhood. 

WHO CARES is only starting now
Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade: "WHO CARES has ended, but is only just beginning. A movement has been set in motion and a lively design power has been released, full of optimism and ingenuity." The initiators of WHO CARES will soon send a letter to the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Royal Relations and Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport including the advice to set up a Community of Practice. Among those involved in WHO CARES, municipalities, participants, care organizations and insurers there is a strong need to join forces and knowledge to accelerate the realization of future-proof projects and neighbourhoods. Photo: Robin Joshua. 

More information: Rutger Oolbekkink