February 2018 - Living


The people of Inbo build neighbourhoods. This is not just about buildings, but about the way people live together in those buildings. After all, making plans is never without interest. If the big money comes along, how does that affect your neighbourhood? Do you have something to say about that design, or has it al been fixed already? And once the building has been built, how do you live together with your new neighbours?

As far as we are concerned, everyone has a vote. We work on open planning processes from a genuine interest in the people that we build neighbourhoods for. If we use our design work in a smart way, not only the design will be better, but we will also work on a solid society. And with that, we are improving the sustainability of the neighbourhood. If you compare Amsterdam Nieuw-West with Buitenveldert, the buildings are similar to each other, but the life course (and the proven sustainability) of the neighbourhoods are not.

The growing demand for publications and public appearances shows that there is increasing interest in our work, both the process and the results of it. And the subject deserves that. We happily share our experiences.