February 2018 - Living

400 clients, 1 architect

In a special issue about urban densification of De Architect's digital magazine, which was published last week, an extensive article was published about the new residential buildings of Space-S in Eindhoven. The 400 social rented apartments that were built in great density on the former Philips Strijp-S area have been developed together with future residents as co-creators from the first initiative. 

Individual wishes for the apartments and collective wishes for the design of the whole were translated into a plan with seven buildings of different heights, connected in two clusters. On the Torenallee and the east side, the blocks largely follow the edges of the plan area, the south side has a more porous design. Several external staircases connect public area with two collective courts on the roof of the parking garages. These feel private because of the level difference and the privacy that the surrounding blocks give. The qualities of the plan are clearly visible from the courts. You can feel the high density both in height and width. The scale feels good and the plan is clear because the large number of four hundred homes is divided over different volumes. 

Space-S won the Eindhoven architecture award last year. A proof that building with a large group of clients can inspire to create special architecture. Architect Aron Bogers: "For a successful co-creation, as an architect you have to put your ego aside and address the group in an honest way. Plans start with ideas such as a swimming pool on the roof, but when the budget runs out, nobody wants that anymore. A shared roof terrace with vegetable garden costs less and yields more for everyone." 

More information: Aron BogersFrank Zewald