February - A big leap forward

Housing concepts: unique standard

In 2016 we developed 1.600 housing concepts in co-creation with several contractors, such as Heijmans, Nijhuis and Van Wanrooij. Making this real, requires a tight and efficient process. Emiel Hengst, partner at Inbo and responsible for all housing concepts: "It starts with all contractors and co-authors being eager to learn from their experiences in a repetitive manufacturing process. That means trusting each other, relying on each other and giving each other something. Only then can you develop a structured and successful cooperation and a good product." 

Each house is built from a base and then made unique by the addition of various options. "In order to develop all these unique properties in a smart way, we replaced project based thinking by process based thinking. A problem cannot be solved project specifically, but in the light of the total housing concept and each subsequent project. All co-creators take part in this way of working. We bring all those elements together in the BIM model and secure integrated quality. In this way we get a predictable result, with the same high quality every time." 

The houses are unique, the process is not: several contractors ask us to think about how the process can also be applied to their housing concept. By standardizing the process the possibility to provide simple customization per property increases. That’s why we also experiment with programs which are able to automate repetitive or cause and effect tasks. Smart processes combined with new construction techniques, like 3D printing, make affordable individual customization more accessible.

More information: Emiel Hengst