February - A big leap forward

Production Engineer

BIM is about cooperation and coordination. ERA Contour has understood this, and therefore appointed Elmer Bronkhorst (project manager and BIM manager at Inbo) as Project Engineer Realization for the project Stadstuin Overtoom in Amsterdam. In that role Elmer takes care of the complete BIM coordination and control for the construction of two apartment blocks. 

Elmer says: "I have merged all the 3D models of consultants and suppliers into a virtual 3D coordination model. This model I use to perform clash checks with, in which all intersections (clashes) between models become visible. Repeatedly until no intersections are left. Simply put, everything has to fit along with the required space. The work of Elmer has reduced the time of engineering with more than half. Because of the extensive preparations beforehand, ERA can perform their work with two instead of three planners. 

Elmer has close contact with the ERA colleagues on the site. He joins project meetings every week and he is part of internal team meetings. "I sometimes almost feel like I am an ERA employee and notice that others see me one." A good example of how co-making can really lead to other forms of cooperation. 

Inbo is a permanent co-creator of ERA Contour. ERA and Inbo, both companies with many young employees, have a similar culture and dynamics. This leads to a fun and intensive cooperation with diversity: from complex residential buildings on the Amsterdam Zuidas and in Rotterdam to BIM engineering at ERA’s office or at the site. 

More information: Elmer Bronkhorst