February - A big leap forward

New energy

The trainees of Inbo visited the Eneco Energy Campus in Utrecht. On the enormous terrain, which is known for its chimney which is higher than the Dom tower, are gigantic structures. With 24 people you barely get noticed. The coming years a campus will be designed in and around these buildings for companies who help each other with making the Netherlands completely independent of fossil energy. A testing location for the energy transition.

A great opportunity to inspire each other with stories about how our work affects the social developments and how the developments of the world around us has influence on our work. Questions to which young people are particularly interested in and with which they can make progression using the knowledge that is available at our office. For example, we make a lot of zero energy houses, but is that really it? Do people actually really use less energy if then or do we also need to stimulate other ways? Can we exchange energy and heat between buildings and areas smarter?  

Besides this there were pitches about a small but complex design task, with 1 minute presentations. Enough inspiration for a very spirited dinner!

More information: Lotte Flick