February - A big leap forward

Large and small innovation

Recently we spoke to a client about BIM. We explained him how we use the technique, and he responded: "That is what I like about your company. Everyone talks about it and you just do it.” That is indeed our mentality. We want to know how it works, be eager and try it. And because we do a lot of projects, there are also many large and small innovations coming along. Of course there are also failures sometimes, which is part of the game. Fortunately, we all are just as proud of the successes, as we are being able to laugh about failed experiments.

We are happy to share those successes and failures, internally and externally. By constantly exchanging our gained knowledge, educating each other and always discussing which applications in which situation could be used best (or should not be used at all), our people and processes are getting smarter. Wiping these baby steps together, we are all going leaps forward. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if there are issues which have aroused your curiosity. Our colleagues like to tell you all about it.

With kind regards,
Bert van Breugel and Tako Postma