February - A big leap forward

The power of Virtual Reality

“I was standing in a burning building. The only way to bring myself into safety was to cross to another building. Via a steel beam. High above the street. The person in front of me refused, she did not dare. I told myself that the bar was just lying on the floor and that I could easily walk over it. I tried to look not too much down, but I was still careful where I put my feet. I felt the edges of the bar under my feet. My arms wide to keep balance. With one last big step, I reached the other side. Relieved, I took the VR glasses off my head.” 

Josine van Gulik tells about her first Virtual Reality experience at Enversed during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. “I was immediately convinced of its power. Virtual Reality feels like mindf*ck; your visual perception is so strong that you really have to do your best to let overcome your ratio. The controllers in your hands or on your feet make it possible to see yourself moving, which makes the experience even more realistic. Especially when there also is a shelf taped onto the floor, which makes you really feel that steel beam.”

Virtual Reality is ideal for our business, in which we constantly explain clients and users how they should translate our flat drawings, artist impressions and - in fact still flat – images of 3D models into a three-dimensional space in their heads. But also for other disciplines VR is interesting. For example, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Radboud University has a Virtual Reality Lab for cognition research. Together we will create a VR model of our design for their new faculty. 

In our VR discovery we work together with Tim van der Grinten, VR designer and founder of Enversed. Tim is educated as an architect and therefore understands like no other VR designer what our profession means, how we work and what we need. To be continued!

More information: Josine van Gulik