February - A big leap forward

Almere will invest 10 million euros in the plan made by Inbo: 'Kust Almere Haven’ (Coast Almere Haven). The touristic and recreational potential of the coastal area of Almere Haven deserves a substantial quality boost. That is concluded by the entrepreneurs, the municipality of Almere and external experts based on research by Guido Wallagh, partner-advisor at Inbo. 

Based on three scenarios the choice has been made for one development direction. Inbo worked out this scenario into concept and strategy for the entire area and an investment and operational agenda by means of research, consultations and a workshop. Kust Almere Haven is to become an attractive and active recreational area, where water sports, nature experiences and hospitality come together in a relaxed, personal and hospitable setting. The pacesetters are already all in this area: the (water sports) clubs, marina and restaurants. 

In order to make it an attractive and active recreational area for the people from Almere and visitors from the region, Kust Almere Haven will be enriched with attractive green-blue routes through the area and towards the centre, three new lookouts with spectacular views of the Gooimeer and Almere Haven, a boardwalk along the Gooimeer, a (sports) campsite, a Harbour Park with some residential complexes, a hotel and a lot more sports activities and events in and around the water. The proposals have been elaborated in cost and revenue estimates, a phasing proposal and an organizational proposal supported by stakeholders. 

According to the responsible city councilor Tjeerd Herrema the investment will flourish the economy in the area. Furthermore the municipality expects to earn back 3 million euro’s through the sale of homes. If the plan gets accepted by the City Council, Kust Almere Haven should be completed in 2022, the same year that the Floriade takes place in Almere.

More information: Guido Wallagh, Kim Krijger, Joris van Loenhout