February 2016 - The power of the collective

Proud of teamwork

Six years after we started off with the preliminary design of the new Science Campus in Leiden, the first phase is completed. Tuesday contractor Heijmans delivered the new faculty and carried over the building to the real estate company of the University of Leiden.

A good time to look back. For the new premises for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is not just any building: 44.000m2 of complex laboratories, specialized research facilities and quality teaching areas and offices in a clear comb structure, its fingers connected by a large central atrium. A clear, light, high-tech space that by its sophisticated proportions feels very inviting and comfortable, designed to organize encounters between the different users. Such a building can only be the result of teamwork.

Teamwork in the design, with ABT, Arcadis, Cauberg Huygen, Peutz and of course our colleagues of JHK and Ex Interiors. During the realization with the technical building expertise of contractors Heijmans and Ballast Nedam, Cofely for HVAC and Waldner for laboratory furniture. All that under the inspiring patronage the University of Leiden.

The coming months are marked by the phased relocation of the various institutions. After the summer, the first part will be taken into operation. We are very proud of the result of our teamwork and look forward to the final image, with the interior and furnishing and populated by the students and scientists for whom we made this building.

- Project Bèta Campus Leiden

More information: Hans Toornstra