February 2016 - The power of the collective

The sky is the limit

You have five years of experience working as an architect. You have gained experience and now want more independence in your work. You have ideas about the development in your field of profession and you can convince clients of the opportunities that architecture offers. You seek client loyalty and acquiring new ones, for new and innovative projects. But you do not want to do this alone and are now looking for others to work with. You have already designed many nice projects, but you want more, bigger, more substantive and more challenging projects.

You have the ambition and abilities to grow into a renowned architect and partner of a leading architecture office. You're convinced of your potential to build your own network and clientele. And you aspire this in a stimulating environment with like-minded people.

Come talk to us and make an inventory of your growth opportunities at Inbo.
Prove yourself. The sky is the limit.

We are an office of collaborating consultants, urban planners, architects, engineers and interior designers. We have many opportunities for young architects who allow themselves to be challenged and encourage others to do the same together.

Inbo has more job openings for people who want to work together.

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