February 2016 - The power of the collective

New life for the BAT Factory

Early January the employees of the Zevenaar Municipality moved into their new municipality office in the former British American Tobacco cigarette factory. Within 14 months, the former production hall 12 and the old Turmac building were transformed into a new fresh working environment and a large public lobby. A great achievement with a stunning result that was celebrated by the employees and everyone who worked on the project.

To connect Hall 12 and the 70’s Turmac building in a self- explanatory matter, part of the Turmac building adjacent to the hall was renovated and given a new façade. This new façade opens up the building towards the adjacent square and in a contemporary way connects the two architectural forms of Hall 12 and the Turmac building. The BAT factory is thus preserved as an icon for the city of Zevenaar.  

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