February 2016 - The power of the collective

Clinics square taking on its shape

An important moment is reached in the construction of ‘Tandheelkunde’, the renovation of the building for the Faculty of Dentistry at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The new atrium of the Clinics square is taking on its shape and a new façade, with a concrete print and perforated steel façade elements, is mounted to the existing building structure. “The building nicely folds around the plans we made, I am very excited about it.” says Nicolai Gilling, director of the Dentistry department and client.

We designed the Faculty of Dentistry in a total engineering team together with Deerns for HVAC engineering and building physics, Croes for construction and Facilicom for facility management and operational expertise. Following the ‘concurrent engineering’ method we worked together throughout the design process in order to achieve a truly integrated design.

The existing 70’s Dentistry building is being renovated in phases. The building plinth will after renovation have a transparent and inviting character. The connection between the high-rise and low-rise building was designed as a new central atrium or clinics square. This will become the ‘place to be’; THE place to meet in the heart of the building.

The Faculty of Dentistry is constructed out by a consortium of Van Wijnen, Trebbe and Kuijpers. Throughout the renovation part of the building will remain in use for education and client treatment. The final delivery of the project is scheduled for June 2017.

More information: Jeroen SimonsBen van der WalSaxon-Lear DuckworthWilco van Oosten