February 2016 - The power of the collective

Ambitious knowledge center

We’ve waited long for this moment. On February 4th, in the presence of the entire design team and a broad representation of the contractors, the contract was signed. The start of construction of the new high quality accommodation for the Dutch Aerospace Center (NLR) in Marknesse is a fact! 

The new building will be built in the open wide landscape of the North East polder in Flevoland. The double comb structure of the new building provides an active exchange between building and landscape; it will be as if the landscape continues within the building. Where the ‘teeth’ of the comb interlock, a central meeting zone will be created. On this backbone, spatial and visual connections will be made between the different departments. 

It is proven that communication and cooperation are the two conditions for excellent research. NLR recognizes the importance of scientific cross-overs. For the new complex stimulating meeting and knowledge is therefore the leading feature through all the different design scales. Bringing together diverse – not always easily compatible – research disciplines under one roof responds to the ambition of the NLR to realize a modern and future-oriented knowledge center. 

Highly motivated to achieve these ambitions, we have raised our glasses together for this special project. Soon, the foundation is laid for the many specific and particular activities that will be housed in this building.

More information: Hans Toornstra, Kevin Battarbee, Tom Oudijk