Febr 2019 - Man and technology

Save time by programming

The construction of the spectacular project Valley in the Amsterdam business district Zuidas is in full motion. The design by MVRDV that was commissioned by OVG catches the eye with its capricious shape; no two layers are alike. A unique project, but also a substantial challenge for Inbo in the design of the detailed architectural plans.

Valley consists of three towers with 198 apartments, seven storeys of offices, a three-storey car park, shops and cultural facilities. The highest tower includes a publicly accessible sky bar with a panoramic view of the city. From the first glance at the design, the planners knew that they faced a challenging assignment to process such a design into BIMs in a smart and efficient way.

In this case, one must realise before even starting out what could change during the modelling phase. As no two things are the same, a small adjustment might entail days or weeks of work. In a repetitive building, a small change only needs to be applied once, and then subsequently reapplied endlessly.

This process is rather different with Valley. Before the modelling could commence, the project team started with an in-depth analysis of the building to itemise what would be needed to easily adjust the process along the way. By now, Inbo disposes of an arsenal of in-home-developed tools for quick and smart modelling. Specific ones were created for Valley as well, like a tool developed in Dynamo to automatically output the dimensions of the façade, for example.

‘Manually assimilating changes in such a project is a true drudgery. Imagine how long it would take to adjust at least four lines in some 5000 spaces. It doesn’t make for a fun week at work’, says Wilco van Gils, project manager and partner at Inbo. Johan de Graaf from the project team adds: ‘That’s the beauty of this unique project. It challenges us to come up with things that haven’t been thought up before.’

Valley is a design by MVRDV, with whom we had a great collaboration on the Markthal in Rotterdam, and was commissioned by OVG Real Estate.

Further information: Wilco van Gils