Febr 2019 - Man and technology


DPD’s sorter processes 50,000 parcels an hour. It enables our online orders to reach our door at an incredible speed. It is typical of the lift-off that technology, digitisation and automation have been going through. 

Our field also sees new technology taking work off our hands. This trend is mighty interesting and irreversible. Our constant search thus became how to get technology to take even more work off our hands. From data driven design and virtual reality to increasingly intelligent BIMs in which the information aspect becomes more important by the day. This way, we can put our brains to work on the truly complex issues. 

Technology offers both the fundamentals and the tools for our designs in which the focus remains on the people who reside, work and live in them. The train operator who relaxes after a day of driving as well as the visitor at a location with heavy memories. 

For that matter, we seek co-workers who do not perceive that BIM as a goal but as a means of smarter collaboration. 

Kind regards,
Aron Bogers, Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik and Tako Postma