Febr 2019 - Man and technology

Greeting your neighbours from a virtual balcony

Little C, located in the Rotterdam Coolhaven, combines a tough and urban vibe with a relaxed and highly green ambience. The main difference with comparable assignments in the city is that the lofts and apartments, more than 320 of them, are not stacked in one or two buildings but spread across fifteen blocks.

The buildings are on top of a car park, whose rooftop is the base of the street and squares. The façades and streets will be adorned by plants, and the trees on the squares hang below ground in the car park in sunken containers. The streets are narrow; traffic in the area has been suppressed. 

Little C’s tough character is tangible in more than just the New York-style architecture with its brick walls and large, metal frames. The Inbo and CULD design team was knowingly complemented by artist Ruud Jan Kokke. He is responsible for the design of all balcony railings, the characteristic fire escapes and the robust connecting bridges between the various blocks. 

The uniqueness of this location can already be experienced through virtual reality glasses, which show you exactly how it will be to stand on your balcony in the near future. It is difficult to imagine how it feels to live in such a dense urban area. How does one experience standing in the middle of such a unique environment or with the neighbouring building at just four metres away? Inbo developed this technique and uses it together with Era Contour for meetings with contractors, buyers and tenants. In combination with the BIM, one can see at a glance how well the ‘urban and industrial’ interact. 

Four high buildings offer space for 209 free sector rental apartments and an additional 9,000 m² for offices, catering and workshops. Eleven smaller housing blocks harbour more than 100 privately owned lofts. The larger part of the car park has already been finished, and the first storeys of the ‘small’ blocks are arising. 

- Project Coolhaven, Rotterdam (only in Dutch)

Further information: Bert van Breugel