16 April 2015

Two awards for the Melkfabriek in Hilversum

Two awards for the Melkfabriek in Hilversum

In the context of the Hilversum Architecture Award (Hilversumse Architectuurprijs) the jury as well as the audience have proclaimed the transformation of the former Melkfabriek their favourite. Architect Trude de Vroomen proudly received both awards from chairman of the jury Wytze Patijn and mayor Pieter Broertjes.

The Hilversum Architecture Awards are awarded biennially. On Wednesday night, April 15th, the ceremony took place in the Hilversum Town Hall. The jury, under leadership of Wytze Patijn, chose the Melkfabriek out of nine projects to be awarded the ‘Vakprijs’ (prize awarded by the professional jury). The jury acknowledged the inspiring commissioning of Dudok Wonen with good reason. By means of internet voting the Melkfabriek was also chosen to receive the ‘Publieksprijs’ (prize awarded by the audience).

The transformation of the Melkfabriek in Hilversum has not gone by unnoticed. The appreciation for this achievement by the jury as well as the residents of Hilversum is a great compliment to client Dudok Wonen, contractor Slokker and the Inbo team.

The Melkfabriek at the Larenseweg has originally been built between 1954 and 1956 and was commissioned by the ‘Verenigde Gooise Melkbedrijven’. The building was designed by the architects trio Breebaart, Martens & Kramer. Up to the end of 2005 the building served as a factory for dairy products. In close cooperation with the client Dudok Wonen and the consumers the Melkfabriek has been transformed into a durable living-, working- and learning environment for all ages. 

With a special mix of users the characteristic factory building will also remain a vital part of the city in the future. The indoor milk street, where the milk in milk churns used to be delivered, has been restored and is now the backbone of the complex with entrances to the offices, houses and the school.

At the heart of the complex, accessible from the milk street, the large factory hall is situated underneath long concrete shell-roofs with skylights. This open space has been enlarged into the basement and transformed into a central communal space, surrounded by the entrances to the houses and workspaces. Client Dudok Wonen has established her own office in the Melkfabriek and chose to grant public access to the atrium. This way the impressive factory building with its characteristic fifties architecture is preserved as cultural heritage of Hilversum. It is great to see this project appreciated with two awards.

More information: Trude de Vroomen, Tako Postma