16 April 2015

Neprom-Prize nomination for Meyster’s Buiten

Neprom-Prize nomination for Meyster’s Buiten

Meyster’s Buiten is one of the five nominees for the Neprom-Prize in Area Development 2015. Every two years the prize is awarded to a project that excels in the cooperation between the government and the market. Meyster’s Buiten is situated in the ‘garden city’ Oog in Al in Utrecht, an industrial area that is transforming into an attractive urban area. As the main part of the grounds has been taken into use, we can now see our vision becoming reality; Meyster’s Buiten is a wonderful place to live, work, go to school, get a bite to eat or to visit a cultural event.

Inbo has been involved in this exceptional development since the beginning. Our prize winning urban design focusses on showing the advantage of integral area development plus the potential added value for the district and the city. With this integrated design the foundation was laid for an intensive and firm cooperation between all concerned parties.

Meyster’s Buiten is based on a clear and powerful basic urban idea. In this idea the full implementation of the site-specific qualities is of critical value. The location of this project and the presence of a historical valuable park, a monumental factory and an attractive ‘garden city’ residential area are all elements that contributed much to the character of the plan.    

Essential to the success of Meyster’s Buiten is the relation to the wishes of the customers. In order to fulfil these wishes, a design research was performed together with the interested parties. The outcomes of this research were translated into the houses that are now being build. Therefore the majority of the dwellings has been bought by residents of the neighbourhood Oog in Al.

Meyster’s Buiten is a cooperation between Heijmans, VORM, Blauwhoed and BOEi. Inbo has designed the urban plan for Meyster’s Buiten, provided the architecture for the mansions and was involved in the execution of the plan as supervisor. Granting the Neprom-Prize will take place at the Day of Project Development, on April 23rd.

More information: Arnold Meijer, Frank Maas