16 April 2015

Management and maintenance JuBi with BIM

Management and maintenance JuBi with BIM

Inbo’s BIM-model of the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (JuBi in short) is now also implemented for multiannual building management and maintenance. This model was commissioned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVD) for the design and engineering of the 130.000 m² Central Government building, designed by Hans Kolhoff. The model was set up in Revit according to the RVB BIM standards.

After Heijmans acquired the task of main contracting JuBi, for which the building itself and all installations had to meet the high standards of the Central Government Real Estate Agency 24/7 and function for 100% to secure the comfort of the consumers, the building-model was adapted to be suitable for daily management and maintenance and settling technical failures.

In order to keep the model of this extensive building workable, the model was split into 12 sub models put together in one coordination model. Within the boundaries of the RVD BIM standards and in close consult and pleasant cooperation with Heijmans, the model has been enriched with information on, among others, fire compartments, zoning and fire security. In the time coming we will research in a pilot project what kind of additional intelligence can be applied for clever building management with the help of BIM.

Inbo is active in implementing BIM modelling for a broad spectrum of (facility) management related uses. In a world increasingly influenced by BIG data and ‘the internet in things’, we apply our wide architectural and BIM experience for smarter and simplified building management. By thinking about the total lifecycle of the built environment in an early stage, we can deliver smart designs and engineering on forehand. With the use of clever connections we combine all data in 7D Building Information Management. This is BIM Intelligence aiming at a durable future. Smarter, cheaper and more fun.  

- Project Ministries of Security and Justice and Internal Affairs, The Hague  

More information: Josine van Gulik, Peter Mantel