16 April 2015

Love for Architecture

Love for Architecture

In the discussion between architects and clients they now and again speak furtively about “what people might think of it”. A discussion on beautiful or ugly knows no winner and therefore often doesn’t take place at all. Meanwhile we’re producing architecture for people who are actually going to use it, experts par excellence!

Architecture cannot change society, but it can certainly help. Architecture can be identifiable, transfer the feeling of home, exude love for detail and much more. Buildings can transform anonymous places into pleasant spaces. Buildings can bind people, when they together share the feeling of communal property.

We therefore think it’s natural to have a conversation with clients and neighbours in all our projects, about the way we execute our profession and the outcome of it. We’re proud to see our architecture contributes to the distinguishability of the neighbourhood. It helps the buyers to feel connected to their space, and at the same time offers a pleasant public space to visitors and passers-by. This is what makes our profession nice and interesting and our designs and buildings better.

Buildings are created by a lot of people together. Sometimes it shows, but mostly it’s an advantage. Exactly because of this, buildings become part of the collective memory; beloved places in the city.

Therefore we are exceptionally proud to have won the Hilversum Architecture Prize for the Melkfabriek. Not only the Jury Award, but also the Audience Award. Especially since this is awarded to a building that had been somewhat forgotten, but is now transformed into a pearl for its city by new uses. Hilversum does not only love Dudok, but also her industrial past. Nice!

Best regards,

Bert van Breugel
Tako Postma