16 April 2015

Hefkwartier brings new face to Rotterdam

Hefkwartier brings new face to Rotterdam

In line with the Willemsbrug, between the monumental Hef Bridge and the Unilever Factory, the former industrial site of the Oranjeboom Brewery is situated. At this location in the new Hefkwartier Inbo designed a powerful and urban residential area. With this project the entrance to Rotterdam Zuid gains a new face.

The context strongly defines the way in which the several parts of the plan will be developed. The Hefkwartier has a riverfront along the Nassaukade and an urban façade at the Oranjeboomstraat. The interior consists of three areas in four enclosed building blocks. A mixture of apartments and earth bound houses with gardens or large roof terraces, ranging in size and typology, brings a vibrant diversity to the area. By an elevated ground level, the residential environment of the interior gets a distinctive character. Residential streets without cars, a centrally situated square and ‘Delft’ sidewalks stimulate the sense of a community.

The Hefkwartier is the first development of Port Feijenoord, the large-scale renovation of the district Feijenoord and the second phase of the Kop van Zuid. AM Real Estate and Dura Vermeer together develop this area in which the former factory of the Oranjeboom Brewery has been demolished after 25 years of service. It’s a splendid location alongside the Maas, which enhances the appeal of this area.

More information: Saxon-Lear Duckworth