16 April 2015

Fokke on the power of Scrum

Fokke on the power of Scrum

Agile, Sprint and Team Velocity are a couple of concepts that are mentioned during a conversation with Fokke. One would assume the conversation concerns a rugby match or his favourite hobby cycle racing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fokke enthusiastically tells about a new planning method, which allowed him to save on time substantially.

Scrum is a project management method applied in the development of software and industrial products by companies like Google, Facebook and Philips, but also our own neighbours in the Broedstoof in Heerenveen. Creative processes in which multidisciplinary teams cooperate on a design that can’t be defined beforehand. Processes that are similar to creating a building design.

For the care facility Noardburgum we design the replacing new buildings for 15 residential groups with accompanying facilities for 120 clients. The project focusses on geronto-psychiatrics and Korsakov and is situated in a park landscape. From an early stage on Fokke has been engaged in this special project for Zorgpartners Friesland. “At a certain point we faced the task to produce a final design within six weeks, where normally the double amount of time is needed. The main goals were known, unlike the final result and the road leading towards it. With our design team, consisting of three architects and two building experts, we decided to work by the principles of scrum. Looking back this has been the right choice. We delivered within the planned time and in pleasant cooperation with the client and other advisors.”

At first Fokke had to get used to this new working method. “Since you’re not allowed to submit changes during the sprint, this requires a proper preparation and patience during the sprint. The main advantage in my eyes is the possibility for the project team to work uninterrupted, and therefore efficiently, during a sprint. Also all tasks are executed and after each sprint a complete product is delivered. By working with short sprints feedback is provided in an early stage, by which you’re able to adjust quickly.”

The building permit for the project was granted and preparations for construction are now up and running.

Photo: Auke van der Weide

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