16 April 2015

Exceptional Baarn

Exceptional Baarn

In Baarn we have started redeveloping the former Nieuwe Baarnse School location, under commission of BPD. Years ago our King has spent his early school years at this location, now it will be turned into a residential house in a characteristic Baarn neighbourhood.

The municipality of Baarn started a contest to select a developer for the location of the Nieuwe Baarnse School. The area exists of the school that will be enlarged in phases, the adjacent playground and the schoolyards at the end of the street. Together with BPD we first organized an anonymous survey in the neighbourhood after which we made a plan that seamlessly fits within its surroundings. Thanks to this approach we have won the contest.

The original school building has the appearance of a large villa and will be maintained and sold as a residence. The newer parts of the building will be demolished, since they collide with the narrow alley in scale and size. Instead twelve houses will be built in a style and differentiation that specifically appeals to the surrounding houses. Pleasant freestanding houses and row houses that exude their placement in Baarn, with a great amount of trees and green. The great sycamores, that turn the Smutslaan into a real lane, will also be carefully maintained.

By now the process has started to adjust the allocation plan. Soon we will start elaboration of the plan together with Heilijgers and Brummelhuis. In cooperation with neighbouring residents we will design a playground for the children. With this development the Smutslaan will become ‘more Baarns than Baarn’, or as BPD calls it: Exceptional Baarn.

More information: Tako Postma, Rik Bakker