13 October 2015

Transformed Beukeloord taken into use

Transformed Beukeloord taken into use

Initiated by Wonen Meerssen and care provider Envida we successfully applied our Transformation Scan for existing care buildings to the residential-care complex Beukeloord in Meerssen. Together with our partner HEVO we fully mapped the possibilities for transformation and afterwards the buildings structure seemed extremely fit for new functions. Now it becomes evident. Preceding the summer holidays the first residents moved into the renewed residential-care complex.

In the subsequent transformation design the focus lay on the feeling of ‘home’ and a clear orientation for the residents. By entering the renewed complex the new spaciousness stands out immediately. A new vide brings more light, air and space into the building. A variety of older and newer photo walls with images of Meerssen and direct surroundings have been placed throughout the building, as recognisable elements for the residents.

The psycho geriatric and somatic wards have the same luxurious sit-sleeping rooms and a central living room with several sitting areas. By this it is possible for the wards to grow or reduce in the future. Next to more specific care departments the building also offers apartments for independent living elderly people. They have their own place with their personal and recognisable entrance and domestic finishing in the general spaces. Furthermore they can use all supporting functions that are situated around the entrance, like a library, a billiards room and a restaurant.

Considering its size the total project knows a very quick project lead time. Starting from the Definite Design a building team directly started working towards construction. A special and energising process with a satisfied client and user as a result!

More information: Adriënne Kolen, Aron Bogers, Tom Oudijk