13 October 2015

The Amsterdam City Hall renovates

The Amsterdam City Hall renovates

The Amsterdam City Hall was built almost 30 years ago and highly needs renovation. As the Municipality of Amsterdam is making the building more sustainable and started working in a flexible way, spaces on the ground floor will become vacant. Moreover there are spaces, like the wedding halls and the movie theater, that have lost their meaning over the years. The Municipality asked Guido Wallagh to as a programmer look for new functions that could take place in these spaces in various ways.

In an open call the people of Amsterdam and all city parties were asked to contribute ideas and initiatives that together must lead to a representative, public and hospitable ground floor in the City Hall. A place where the people of Amsterdam feel at home and where they can find proper services.

In total the project concerns 9.000m², so a lot can be done. However there are a couple of conditions to which the ideas and initiatives have to apply. New functions need to fit with the status of the City Hall, they need to be able to finance the renovation, they need to enhance the coherence with the surrounding public space (including the famous Waterlooplein) and they need to tie the area to the historical inner city and Plantagebuurt in a better way.

Until the 17th of October ideas and initiatives can be submitted by the people of Amsterdam. After this Guido will work on these ideas together with the submitters, during an ‘Open City Hall’ and four City Hall Studios.

Do you also feel addressed by this open call? Look for more information on www.amsterdam.nl/hetstadhuisverbouwt. Photo: Paul Deelman.

More information: Guido Wallagh, Jeroen Oomens