13 October 2015

Renovation city centre Emmeloord started

Renovation city centre Emmeloord started

As sufficient development and investments failed to occur in the city centre of Emmeloord, a new approach was needed. In July the municipality of Noordoostpolder therefore decided to follow a new path. This new path concerns a so called open plan process.

The essence of this open plan process is to define a feasible and supported vision for an attractive, inviting and lively centre, in an interactive process with the municipality, the real estate owners and entrepreneurs of the centre, inhabitants, social organisations and possibly also new interested parties. Nowadays a plan isn’t designed at the drawing table anymore, but in cooperation with others.    

The open plan process has by now gained its first momentum. At the end of August the project group gathered for the first time, existing of members that were chosen or that had drawn a place by lot. The decisive factor in choosing the members of the project group was the wish to look forward. “The open plan process can only succeed when inhabitants and entrepreneurs are willing to let go of the past and to look forward with a fresh view”, according to Guido Wallagh, who guides the process together with Jeroen Oomens. “The centre gains nothing by looking back. The centre must go forward. Optimistic and realistic, as the first members of the project group strikingly put it on the 26st of August.”           

The next step in this process was the first public meeting on Saturday the 10th of October, where people jointly worked on the new city centre. During this meeting the connection was searched together with inhabitants, entrepreneurs, owners and other concerned parties, that are willing to leave the past difficult years behind them.

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More information: Guido Wallagh, Jeroen Oomens