13 October 2015

Queen Máxima opens De Nederlandsche Bank

Queen Máxima opens De Nederlandsche Bank

At the 22nd of September Her Royal Majesty Queen Máxima opened the renewed visitors center of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in Amsterdam. On the photo you can see her asking architect Tako Postma how the building became so spacious. We consider it a compliment that the building with the relatively low floor height from the original building and the high amount of visitors still gives a spacious feeling.

Groups of students, employees and visitors of DNB are offered insight in the tasks and responsibilities of DNB within the complex financial world of today, in a playful way. Ranging from the complexity of the monetary policy to the backside of a cash machine. At the transparent centre the movie theatre is a distinct and warmly lit eye catcher, with its appearance of a huge pile of gold bars.

The ICT department of DNB is situated at the upper floors of the building. As a pilot for the entire bank, these offices have been refurnished with activity related workspaces, in an open and accessible space. Connections between the various floors are made by large vides with trees. Highlight of the interior is the main staircase, where the existing stairs of Abma, the original architect, still attracts all attention. Now against a planted rear wall in a new vide that connects all floors.

On the outside the building obtained a new façade, made out of bronze anodized aluminum. The new façade is much more transparent than the original one, an appearance that fits with the mission of DNB. The large aluminum elements follow the rhythm of the nineteenth century buildings along the street. The top floor has undergone the largest modification; as the new, ‘aquifer thermal energy storage’ based installation was completely moved to the basement, the whole top installation floor could be demolished. With this the building is almost entirely energy neutral.

DNB also welcomes individual visitors in the newly transformed building. So, if you’re wondering what DNB does, take a look at Sarphatistraat 1 in Amsterdam.

Project De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam

More information: Tako Postma, interior: Rodi van der Horst, Maarten Hooijmeijer