13 October 2015

New impetus to existing qualities

New impetus to existing qualities

Almost every assignment we are working on concerns transformation in a certain way. We virtually never again deal with a white sheet of paper or an empty meadow to build in. All of our assignments are situated in a place with its own history; used, with a (residential) value, an image to which people have connected themselves in any kind of way.

All day long architects, urban designers and advisors are busy changing these environments. To them it seems logical that places aren’t static and that new demands occur leading to new requests. Or, for example, the exploitation of buildings now demanding a new energy concept.

To the inhabitants or users of these environments it’s mostly different. People get attached to their living environment, beautiful or ugly, empty or crowded, big or small. It is our task to handle this with care. And this makes our job challenging and fun. It gives us the opportunity to exercise our profession amidst the society. In these kinds of situations the value of the design becomes tangible, and if done correctly, also thankful.

In all fields of activity within our company, similar requests arise: to clearly visualise the expected change of atmosphere, to prove the economical value of an intervention, to reduce the energy demand in the new situation into (practically) zero and to use the space in an efficient and fun way.

In this newsletter a couple of beautiful examples are shown. The visitor centre and the ICT department of De Nederlandsche Bank are situated in an office that has been made transparent and energy neutral, but also fits better into its urban surroundings. The Stanislas College is up to date again, achieved in a record time by an intense cooperation in the execution team. The enormous building of the Spaarneziekenhuis in Heemstede has by now been forgotten, thanks to the appealing villa’s that have been built instead. And, assigned by the municipality of Amsterdam and together with concerned parties, we are looking for new appealing users for the ground floor of the Stopera. Users that will make the building interesting for visitors and that will bring a new impetus to the surroundings.

Every single project concerns the daily environment that means something to you and brings back memories; we love to hear yours!

Best regards,

Bert van Breugel
Tako Postma