13 October 2015

Jop Alberts designs his own view

Jop Alberts designs his own view

After we made the development plan for the last block of Oostpoort for the Development Combination Polderweg, architect Jop Alberts now designs on the houses. At the former gas factory site a high-end residential- and shopping area has risen, that seeks connection with the history of this beautiful place by its exuberant architecture. After we made the design for the apartment building in the previous phase, Jop decided to enrol for one of the apartments: “The nice thing about the East of Amsterdam is that you live right in the centre of the city, yet are out of the city and into the nature of ‘t Gooi and Waterland within 5 minutes of cycling. Also East has a more varied architecture than the West of Amsterdam and there are a few nice parks such as the Oosterpark and Park Frankendael.” To his surprise, he was given a place. Now working on the third phase the pressure is even higher than normally: soon he will overlook his own work.

Whereas the apartment building of phase 2 arises along the Paradijsplein like a sturdy building, plot 3 will be a more quietly situated residential area. A special feature is the diversity of housing types: apartments, small studios, single family houses with a garden, a special city house and the so-called BeBo’s: stacked townhouses. Jop tells: “The diversity of houses makes this design challenging, since it gives the opportunity to design special architecture, fitting with the industrial character of Oostpoort. The biggest challenge is bringing the different scale levels together, ranging from an apartment building to the townhouses. I am rather proud that we managed to capture all those different housing types in a comprehensive plan with the look of one nice block.”

The most special house is the final piece of the plan, by chance also the house that Jop will be overlooking from his own new apartment. “At the corner of the Paradijs square we designed a remarkable five layer city house. A great bay window offers view onto the square and throughout the Waldenlaan, de longest street of Oostpoort. The ground floor offers space along the square for a studio, gallery or other small scale commercial functions.”

To Jop however, the design is not only about a beautiful picture: “I want to design houses with a high residential quality. The temptation to only work on modelling is big, but as an architect you’re also responsible for making a functional product. In this case a house where the future resident can live in a pleasant way. And of course it is also looks good.”    

The design is now in the finalizing phase. Mid 2016 the last houses will be available for sale.

More information: Jop Alberts