13 October 2015

Heemstede villa’s along the Spaarne river

Heemstede villa’s along the Spaarne river

At the site of the former Spaarne hospital in Heemstede now thatched villa’s with royal waterside terraces are built. When we began designing the new urban plan years ago, an information gathering was held in the 14 storey high concrete Spaarne hospital. Nobody could imagine this building disappearing and making way for a neighbourhood that fits seamlessly to the adjacent upscale villa districts, built in the beginning of the previous century. Now people who take a stroll along the Spaarne see a variety of spacious houses was built next to the pavilion-like hospital.

Red masonry houses with characteristic windows and a variety of roofs with large overhangs now define the image of the neighbourhood. Along the Spaarne river four special houses are situated, with façades made out of slate and wood and with outstanding thatched roofs. Their terraces stand amidst the reed and each house has its own boat pier. This is living at a spectacular and historical location.

The final villa’s will soon become available for sale.


More information: Jan van Gils, Tako Postma