13 October 2015

Enexis transformer for innovation

Enexis transformer for innovation

Energy supplier Enexis foresees that the energy transition – the switch from fossil fuels to fully sustainable energy sources – will have an important impact on the energy landscape of The Netherlands and consequently also its own position. Therefore Enexis wants to actively work on enhancing sustainability and innovation. Deerns and Inbo are helping them with this ambition by a plan for converting a monumental former transformer house along the Orthen in Den Bosch into an Open Innovation Centre.

The Open Innovation Centre must foremost become a meeting place, where people can work, brainstorm, inspire and cooperate. In two interactive workshops with a broad delegation of Enexis, Deerns and Inbo concretised the ambition by asking three questions: What needs to be done about the building to make it an appealing place to work in, what needs to be organized to attract people and what should be the atmosphere and appearance of the Innovation Centre?

Coming from a circular thought, a design was made that is based on the re-use of materials as much as possible. Although the transformer house was never meant to be a work place, the building is excellently suited for the creation of spaces and the organization of events that will attract people to this special place. The characteristic structure and the robust quality of the building will be used to easily create a new look & feel that fits with the creative atmosphere of innovation that Enexis looks for. As a result of the workshops the keywords for this new transformation are ‘industrial, informal and homely.
The coming period Enexis investigates the possibilities of realization of the Innovation Center in line with the ambition document.

More information: Aron Bogers, Nina van Osta