12 November 2015

Start 2nd phase Bèta Campus Leiden

Start 2nd phase Bèta Campus Leiden

The first phase of the new Bèta Campus of the University of Leiden nears completion. After almost 2,5 years of construction contractor Heijmans will deliver the approximately 44.000m2 building in January 2016. By building this first part of the eventually 80.000m2 building, a start was made for the modern, open Bèta Faculty where the focus lies on the exchange of knowledge.

The centrally situated axis is the backbone of the eventual complex, in which all institutes of the Bèta Faculty will be accommodated. This axis, which will be prolonged in the second phase, facilitates encounters and ties the generic building wings together. The various institutes display themselves along the central axis. Here also the study café is situated. In the spatial experience the generous entering of daylight plays a significant role.

The generic building wings of the mainly technical building accommodate mostly offices, chemical- and biochemical laboratories and research spaces. The west wing contains research spaces for nanotechnology and is therefore constructed in a vibrant-free manner. For specific precision measurements individually founded arrangements were built in the destined measuring-hall. 

The characteristic comb-structure of the building, with an alternation of buildings and courts inside a tight outline, and the central backbone where all shared and specific functions are situated, will be continued in the second phase. Inbo/JHK recently acquired the assignment for designing the second phase within the overall that was also originally designed by them.

The new Bèta Campus is the first laboratory building to receive the BREAAM-NL Very Good certificate. The first part of construction will be taken into use at the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017.

More information: Hans Toornstra