12 November 2015

Library Radboud University completed

Library Radboud University completed

The Central Library of the Radboud University has known an increasing amount of visitors for quite some time now. More and more students and teachers find their way to this library to consult the collection, to study or to meet one another. The library therefore has become more than just a book collection in the basement of the building. The library acquired a central place in the student life and has an increasing social function at the university campus. Inbo was selected at the end of 2014 to design the partial reorganisation of this building.

The assignment was clear: “create more study places”. However, in the elaboration we did more than just add tables and chairs. We took the opportunity to introduce several more substantial changes into the building. This was necessary in order to make room for more study places and the reorganization of the program. At the same time this offered the possibility to, especially on the ground floor, create more light and overview. By removing walls the central zone became the meeting square of the library. Where at first there was only a small route between the main entrance and the hallway to the Erasmus building, there can now be found a well-arranged inner court from where all functions can be reached. A new coffee corner was made in the centre of this square, surrounded by a variety of seats and study places.

The ground floor, with its main entrance at the Erasmuslaan, was designed in a way to make the routing into the building logical and clear again. Two desks were joined into a new large desk that offers the intake- and loan facilities. Not only the interior design, but also the comfort was improved drastically. The climate system was adjusted and optimized to eliminate existing complaints.

The project knew a very short lead time. Only nine months were needed from design to realization and completion. Thereby it is worth mentioning that the library could stay open during renovation and students experienced minimal hindrance from construction activities. Considering the budget for this assignment we had to make strategic choices. We are very pleased with the eventual elaboration, in which both vision and ambition became reality.

More information: Jeroen Simons, Maarten Hooijmeijer