12 November 2015

Grand opening Clusius College Alkmaar

Grand opening Clusius College Alkmaar

On Friday the 30th of October the renewed building of the Clusius College in Alkmaar was festively opened by the chairmen of three industry associations: Jan-Pieter Janssen (AOC-Board), Jan van Zijl (MBO Board) and Paul Rosenmöller (VO-Board). After the official inauguration ceremony students showed visitors around in the new MBO/VMBO Groenschool. The guests were very enthusiastic, praising the openness, the incidence of light and the fresh appearance.

The wide openness and spatial quality were created by placing a new L-shaped and three layered volume on the opposite of the existing L-shaped main building. Hereby an atrium was created in between the two volumes, giving the entire school a renewed appearance. The new façade, at the end wall of the building and prominently situated in the curve of the road, is the front piece of Clusius College. The entrance and the inner court are outlined as a transparent green house and are visible from the road and the railroad.   

Practices with a veterinary clinic, a lecture hall, offices, practice spaces and sports are situated around the green inner court, alike a town square. A wide tribune, stairs, kitchen facilities and a water feature subdivide the space. In every element the green identity of this renewed school radiates its passion for flora and fauna and the beauty of nature.

Project Clusius College Alkmaar

More information: Jeroen Simons, Mark Bollen