12 November 2015

Festive opening Hogeschool Ede

Festive opening Hogeschool Ede

After more than one and a half years of construction and renovation the Christian University of Ede (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, CHE) celebrated its festive (re)opening at the 28th of October. Project and design manager Mark Bollen was involved in this project from the beginning to end and therefore knows all the ins and outs. “The role I played in this project suited me very well. The great part of a school projects is, next to the technical side of it, also the human side. As chairman of the Employees Council of Inbo I know how important it is to communicate well. If you combine disciplines with pleasure the synchronisation of a project becomes easier. When you know what’s going on in a project and truly know your clients requirements, it’s easier to act on it and design decisions can be made more efficiently.”

“The Christian University of Ede prefers investing in education over investing in real estate and has a modest attitude towards their accommodations. Still the school is aware of the importance of a proper school building. Therefore the existing school building was renovated and extended with a new, fully transparent and energy-neutral building.”

To truly determine the needs of the CHE and its users, extensive user sessions were organised during the process. “To me, the nice part of these processes is that the connections you have with the users and the wishes that derive from this, can be traced back into the building. When you walk through a building and users tell you how much everything is what they had hoped for. That’s the biggest compliment I can get.”

At the same time Mark made sure the design of architect Jeroen Simons was executed properly and that he too will be satisfied with the eventual building. This wasn’t always easy. “Renovating existing buildings is the hardest thing to do. Next to all effort put into digital surveying and material investigation, construction itself always brings unexpected elements to light. These elements need to be dealt with practically, often looking for proper solutions on-site.”

The result is impressive. The renovated existing building as well as the transparent new building have a fresh and contemporary quality, with which CHE strengthens its position in the Food Valley. But Mark isn’t done yet. “Together with CHE we are taking the next step. We are going to make the BIM models, which were produced of the existing building and new construction, suitable for the asset management and building maintenance. I enter also this process with great enthusiasm!”. 

More information: Mark Bollen