12 November 2015

DBM won for neighbourhood school De Akkers

DBM won for neighbourhood school De Akkers

Hegeman+, Bureau 1232 and Inbo together won the tender for the multifunctional school De Akkers in Heerenveen, which will accommodate primary schools, a neighbourhood centre, after school daycare and a gym. Being open and transparent, this new school building has an explicit appearance towards the surrounding neighbourhood De Akkers. The school building embraces the school square and opens up from this square towards the surroundings.

The new school consists out of several ‘houses’ connected by an indoor learning-street. Hereby all primary schools have their own identity and a clear position inside the whole complex. Furthermore the larger volume is downsized by this structure, whereby the school fits better into the size and scale of the surrounding buildings.

Inside the indoor learning-street the learning-squares are situated, surrounded by classrooms. The classrooms are divided over two layers and all have a clear address at the learning-street. These spaces can be booked for various activities throughout the day. The layout of the school enables certain parts of the building to be closed, allowing the building to be partially used outside school hours.

During the tender phase, managed by Antea group, we worked on this special school in a small team together with Hegeman+ and HVAC consultant Bureau 1232. The stacking of ideas coming from each expertise lead to a design for a sustainable school building, in which usability, flexibility, quality and affordability are combined. The design is now being further elaborated. According to the time schedule construction will start already in April 2016. 

More information: Trude de Vroomen, Olof Schonewille