10 September 2015

Selection won in Bodegraven

Selection won in Bodegraven

Together with Kroon & de Koning (VolkerWessels) Inbo has won a selection for the new construction of senior apartments in Bodegraven, an assignment by housing corporation Mozaïek Wonen from Gouda. Especially the quality of the clear floor plans, the spaciousness of the general spaces and the total quality of the plan have been decisive in choosing our team.

The new construction will be built next to care centre Rijngaarde in the Drone neighbourhood, a sixties town extension in the western part of Bodegraven. The senior apartments are life-proof and suitable for care provided by the adjacent care centre.

The building is characterized by its generality. By placing the balconies around the corners we created a diversity of housing types of which all outdoor spaces offer a nice orientation. Furthermore a dynamic architectural image was created by the position of the balconies. The compact volume of five layers was divided into three horizontal strips that provide the building with the requested horizontal character. By connecting two floors we create vertical accents that shift each two layers. Hereby the architecture changes the scale of the building and creates a specific identity.

In the colouring of the building we play a game with the red colour of the existing Rijngaarde. This colour also forms the basis for the new construction and is replenished with a light and a dark shade. Hereby the existing building is respected and forms a unity with the new construction.

The design of the general spaces focuses on interaction. An abundance of daylight and generous meeting spaces make the route from the building entrance to the home entrance more pleasant and characterize the building.

More information: Jacques Prins