10 September 2015

Selection won for 120 houses

Selection won for 120 houses

Van Wanrooij and Inbo together won a selection for the design and construction of 120 owner-occupied and rental houses in Oosterhout. The municipality chose our plan because of our clever allocation with a lot of green and large gardens, the variety of housing types and the relaxed image quality. A fine example of successful teamwork, a great effort in a very short time and most of all sufficient conception of the question.

Our urban plan optimally uses the characteristics and qualities of the location. On the Westside the creek zone is the backbone of the plan. Three green residential streets divide the project area into orderly units and connect the neighbourhood to the creek. The streets become wider towards the creek, whereby a large number of houses benefit from the green quality and beautiful views. In the middle of the residential area green playgrounds will be realised.

The elaboration of the urban plan, a landscape design and the design of the 120 houses started off immediately.

More information:
Bert van Breugel, Jeroen Steenbergen, Menno Moerman