10 September 2015

Scheepsmakerskwartier Haarlem nears completion

Scheepsmakerskwartier Haarlem nears completion

The first phase of the Scheepsmakerskwartier in Haarlem is nearly finished. At this beautiful spot in between the Koepel-prison and the Spaarne River, 66 houses and apartments together make an attractive and differentiated city neighbourhood. An area that seems to fit into its surroundings by itself, even though these surroundings are totally different on each side. Along the side of the Koepel-prison a nineteenth century residential street. A the city centre side and opposite to the mill a modest apartment building stands at the new harbour. On top of the parking garage lies an enclosed ‘Haarlem’ courtyard. And alongside the Spaarne river a new public quay was made with a row of new canal houses.

A special feature of this project is that the buyers of the 16 townhouses bought their houses including three design sessions with one of our architects. As a result all townhouses are totally different and specifically designed for their residents, and yet still forming a unity. The row, for example, exists of houses with a double or split level living room, a large gallery, a vide along the façade or a vide reaching from the ground floor to the roof. All specific places in the plan were exaggerated in their diversity by creating very different houses, in a variety of colours and masonry. The architectural elaboration of the facades, together with a few simple rules, make sure the neighbourhood can still be recognized as an unity.

- Project Scheepsmakerskwartier in Haarlem

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Tako Postma, Wilco van Oosten, Jan van Gils, Jop Alberts