10 September 2015

Queen Máxima opens Papageno

Queen Máxima opens Papageno

On Wednesday the 26th of August Queen Máxima opened the Papageno House for a large public of interested people by placing her autograph. Her autograph will be etched into glass and placed on  noticeable spot in the monumental nineteenth century Villa Dennenoord, that was designed, renovated and extended after our design.

The Papageno Foundation was founded in 1997 by Aaltje and Jaap van Zweden to help out autistic children and their parents. To them the opening of the Papageno House is a long cherished dream that became true. They call the house a ‘vibrant centre full of tranquillity’. At the floors of the old villa 12 studio’s were built. Here autistic youngsters can take their first step into independent living, guided by the required care.

Music is the driving force behind the Papageno House; as a means to pull the world inside and a way for residents to contact each other, to express themselves and, most important, to take a strong stand in society. Therefore the house was given a public character. At the ground floor a music hall and petit restaurant were made. Here activities for residents and other interested parties are organised. The new building extension on the garden side has a cross shaped floor plan and accommodates the communal living room for residents. In the underlying basement facilities were made that focus specifically on autistic youngsters, like therapy spaces, a gallery, a fitness room and media library.

More information: Rik Bakker, Frans Timmers