10 September 2015

New working environment ING

New working environment ING

Suiting the new way of working of ING the Acanthus location in Amsterdam will get a new interior for three floors, surrounding the inner courtyard and with a total surface of approx. 15.000 sqm. Here, working in a ‘scrum-environment’ will get a complete personal appearance. After a successful pilot (‘the Lab’) in springtime ING decided to apply this working method to a large part of the building.

In order to make the new appearance visible from the entrance and to discourage the use of elevators, we designed a new route from the entrance to the second floor, on which the focus lies on encounters. A large supporting wall is replaced by an impressive strut construction and a wide, inviting staircase. With a variety of elevated seats alongside the stairs we create spaces for formal and informal meetings.

The stone floor is the carpet that guides the route leading from the entrance to the stairs and the first floor. At the floor we introduce vides and stairs that connect the different office floors. Surrounding these natural meeting places relaxed living rooms for the several teams will be made. The ‘family kitchen’ and ‘garden hub’ provide the restaurant facilities with a new content, suitable for the new workplace concept.

The design of the new ING work environment in the Acanthus building is a joint project of Inbo and Fokkema & Partners. Realisation of the new entrance, the first phase of this transformation, started this summer.

More information: Jacques Prins, Rodi van der Horst, Wilco van Gils